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Prodaja nekretnina i usluge stranim kupcima i vlasnicima Nekretnine u ruralnim unutrašnjostima Hrvatske.

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RETIREMENT?... Here's an idea: Relocate to rural Croatia, buy your home for less, keep the rest in your pocket.

(Latest up-date: 15/07/2020)

Retirement on your horizon?

There's nothing complex here, no devilishly secret financial wizardry, no "can't lose" investment strategies.... Just a simple idea of buying your retirement home at a super-low price, you'll probably get a better living standard at the same time and keep the bulk of your savings in your pocket to fund your retirement.

It's radical!

To some people it is, there's no ducking the plainly obvious. If you want to stay in your home town, if you want your kids/grandchildren just around the corner - then this isn't an idea for you. However, if you feel the need to make the best of your own time then here's an option which can deliver that. Our experience with people from all over the world tells us that many are worried about how they will manage after retirement, most are also concerned they will not be able to retire until long after they'd hoped to be free from the daily grind. They're seeking ways to cut costs, they want to live well whilst keeping within their means, perhaps having a sizeable nest-egg for travel, rainy days... all of these have become out of reach for so many people. Moving to this region of Croatia offers the opportunity to retire and live comfortably. retire to inland Croatia and keep your money in your pocket

Some problems about your retirement.

Things have changed in recent years, property costs and real estate taxes are a prime example, they have risen steadily as have many other living expenses. It is also true that events in peoples' lives... divorce, unforeseen financial costs etc., have caused people to view their retirement with increasing fears about just making ends meet. Not owning a property and facing crippling rents - or grappling with a large mortgage, all these considerations combine to make living on a pension look difficult to say the least. In many cases, the neighbourhoods where people live have changed out of all recognition and moving to a 'nice' area is not an affordable option. As things stand, there are only two choices: either stick it out - or move out to a place with much lower costs where you can live well.

There is an option....

No matter what your reasons, it always boils down to money! Buying a property cheaply and living in a low-cost environment will provide most of the answers.... but where?
It will be no surprise to you that we recommend rural Croatia. The Croatian coast is nice but very expensive in all respects, here in the countryside you can find a suitable place to live, perhaps deep in a rural area or perhaps in a more suburban setting, a place in good condition, ready to move in - for between €60,000 to €80,000. Smaller countryside homes are available for much less if that's what you'd prefer. Yes, it is abroad, the language can make life interesting at times and you can't just 'pop round' to see your family and friends. However, you will be more able to afford to have some of the things you deserve, be able to travel and not fear the next batch of monthly bills.

It doesn't cost anything to think about it, neither does it cost much if you decide to visit here and investigate further. Meanwhile, we're very happy to correspond with you and work through your questions, that costs nothing!

Who are we?....

We are international real estate agents, we make our living by selling properties in our beautiful region to foreign buyers and then looking after their needs after they've bought one.... but you already knew that.
We invite you to look through our website at the kinds of properties to be found, also look through our comprehensive information pages, just maybe... this is the answer you've been searching for. Click here to do that.

Here's a good place to start your journey, we have a short introductory video at YouTube to help you with the big picture.

We wish you happy hunting and hope to hear from you at some point.