Property for development in Cerje Tužno with large land holding.

Ref: 1581

€62,500 neg.

A large land holding on a hillside in Cerje Tužno with a shell of a solidly built house accessed by an asphalt country lane. The local authority are currently investing in major upgrades to this hill by installing new water, drainage and power services.

The slides (below) show the key features and descriptions, we have some other photographs available if this property is of interest and, naturally, we're always happy to answer your questions.

House shell and adjacent country lane.
House shell and adjacent country lane.
Ground floor hallway
Ground floor hallway, the main entrance door is behind the camera position.
First ground floor room.
First ground floor room.
Second ground floor room.
Second ground floor room.
Third ground floor room.
Third ground floor room.
First upstairs room.
First upstairs room.
Second upstairs room.
Second upstairs room.
Third upstairs room.
Third upstairs room.
View from upstairs window to the plot border
View from upstairs window to the plot border (at 2nd concrete electric pole) and to the Varazdin valley beyond. Note the new electric poles by the roadside which will replace the wooden versions currently in use.
View from the upper land border down to the house
View from the upper land border down to the house which is located near the centre of the plot. The land holding continues to the other side of the house by a similar distance.
The land runs down to the bottom of the valley
The land runs down from the house and lane (extreme left) down to the bottom of the valley and a short way as far as the forest (right).
View from the lower land border back up towards the house.
The new water mains and sewer pipes
The new water mains and sewer pipes are building laid (early 2019), the lane (centre) leads up to the property which is located about 1/2 km farther up the hill.
Aerial view of the land and house
Aerial view of the ten plots which make up the total land. The house is shown on plot No: 1138.

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Cerje Tužno is the name of the nearby village and the dead-end lane which runs up into the hills where this property is located. 2019 is bringing upgrades to the power, water and sewerage utilities in order to breathe new life into the hillside community. This building on this property is a solid shell but in need of complete renovation/modernisation. It is a legally registered structure thus already has full building permission, any changes to the structure will require only an adaptation licence which is a short, inexpensive and simple process.
The land associated with the house is extensive and has been recently cleared. It was once a vineyard but can be used for any agricultural or garden/park purpose. In essence, this property affords an excellent opportunity to develop the house to your requirements, to enjoy a large land holding and to take advantage of the investment now being made by the regional government.

The key points include...

  • Total area of the plot is 11,783m2 (2.91 acres).
  • The house footprint is 49m2 x 2 floors.
  • Large land holding.
  • Adjacent to an asphalted dead-end country lane (almost no traffic).
  • New mains electric, sewerage and water currently being installed.
  • High elevation affords long and beautiful views.
  • One owner.
  • Full clean documentation.
  • A Croatian company will be required for foreign ownership.
  • Priced at €62,500 Negotiable.

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