Hillside cottage in Črešnjevo.

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€19,900 neg.


A classic wine house located high in the hills of Črešnjevo, 15 mins from the city of Varaždin. An adorable spot amid family vineyards enjoying beautiful and long views over the Pannonian valley. Built for weekend occupation only, it has bags of potential but does need some investment to make it into a lovely small home.

The slides (below) show the key features and descriptions, they were taken on a grey wintry day. We have some other photographs available if this property is of interest and, naturally, we're always happy to answer your questions.

House shell and adjacent country lane.
Looking east from the upper garden, the house has one large room at this level plus a lean-to extension (near ground) and a neat covered terrace on the south-western side.
Ground floor hallway
Looking north from the garden, the lower entrance lays beneath the terrace and leads to two interior rooms and one exterior store. These are not yet internally connected to the upper level but, with a little work, they would provide the perfect location for a bedroom and en-suite. Currently, the two levels are connected via a timber (railway sleeper) pathway.
First ground floor room.
The main room measures 6.66m x 4.2m and is the 'core' of the building. There are windows to three sides, a heavy timber ceiling features quite strongly, the walls are mix of plain white painted, stained wood clad and ceramic tiled. There is a built-in brick solid fuel stove (far end/left) which doubles as the source of heating.
Second ground floor room.
A second view of the main room. It has spent its life as a joint bedroom and, how should we say... "wine tasting" facility. The far end by the entrance door has served as a make-shift kitchen although there is no plumbing (See 'Information' below).
Third ground floor room.
The roof line continues down on the south-west side to provide shade and shelter for this charming terrace. Built with heavy timbers and having nice views over the neighbouring family (small) vineyards. No doubt further wine tasting activities have been enjoyed here down the years.
First upstairs room.
Continuing to the NW end of the upper lever, there is a small lean-to structure, typically used for tool storage etc, this one has a WC installed in a small room at the far end. There is no drainage here so the WC system is rudimentary to say the least.
Second upstairs room.
Moving to the lower level, a door from the little courtyard leads to this fair sized room. It is at sub-basement level so has a stable comfortable temperature year round. Such rooms are sought after by those converting wine houses like this into bedrooms for a small home or comfy holiday retreat. The door and window face south-east.
Third upstairs room.
This smaller room (2.6m x 1.74m) is connected to the earlier room (previous slide) and would provide the perfect space for an en-suite bathroom. There is no window but does have ventilation.
View from upstairs window to the plot border
A second door at the courtyard gives access to this room (1.83m x 2.82m). It is not internally connected to the two previously described rooms (previous two slides) but there is ample opportunity to connect them all by enclosing the courtyard in order to achieve sizeable lower level accommodation. This room has a south-east facing window.
View from the upper land border down to the house
Viewed from a neighbour's garden (at the top of the hill), the house sits in the middle of the image, the property border starts from and between the two white arrows. It runs down to the roadway (hidden) at the bottom of the hillside. Photographed on a grey winter's day, this image does not do justice to the beauty of the surroundings.
The view from the roadway at the lower end of the property. The asphalt runs from the road to the point shown, then it is a hard standing stony track. There are dozens of young fruit trees on the land, four rows of grape vines plus two vine frames which provide a delightful green and shady places during the long summer months.
The new water mains and sewer pipes
A late winter's scene, the snow has gone but the greenery has yet to sprout. Hardly a good day to show the lovely views out over the Panonian valley towards Slovenia and Hungary. We don't know how far you can see from here, let's just say "a long way".
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Photo provided by the vendor showing a summer scene.
Aerial view of the land and house
Aerial view of the house and land plot. It is one of a few dozen similar plots which together form a kind of hillside family vineyard community. This plot is shown high-lighted within the red border. Some folks are more serious about their vines than others, the owners of this property prefer to have more of an orchard, there's hardly any work involved.

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This is a classic 'wine house', these are normally solidly built (concrete foundation, brick, block and with a strong fully tiled roof), they are not temporary in any way. Their original purpose was to provide a place to rest and retreat in an attractive location and where people could engage in natural pursuits such as wine making (and 'tasting' of course), fruit growing etc. Most have only an electricity supply in terms of utilities, as does this one. It is now very popular to convert wine houses into a "kuća za odmor" - a house for rest and relaxation. This always requires a connection to the mains water supply and the addition of a kitchen and bathroom plus associated pipework. Add a modern Eco-friendly septic tank drainage system and now the place becomes habitable, full or part time. Further investment is often made to connect the upper and lower level, often with a space-saving spiral staircase, and so the wine house becomes a small home.
The mains water is available at the road entrance and will require in the region of €500 to make a connection and add the required pipework. A similar cost will cover the installation of a modern septic tank drainage/sewerage system. If you are seeking a countryside retreat in which you can live, you will need to add these costs to upgrade this property. Adding a staircase, kitchen, bathroom will also require investment, the level depends upon the quality of installation you choose.
This property is an excellent basis for such a project in that it is a solidly built structure, beautifully located, it has a very rural and peaceful position but is only 15 minutes by car to the regional capital city of Varaždin where all the amenities of a major city are available.

The key points include...

  • Total area of the rectangular plot is 2,169m2.
  • The house footprint is 61m2 x 2 floors.
    • Comprising:
    • Main upper floor living room.
    • Covered outside terrace.
    • Rear lean-to store.
    • Lower floor room with window.
    • Lower floor room without window.
    • Lower floor store.
    • Lower courtyard.
  • Fruit trees and vines.
  • Asphalted roadway entrance (very light traffic - if any!)
  • Free standing BBQ.
  • Full clean documentation.
  • A Croatian company will be required for foreign ownership.
  • Priced at €19,900 Negotiable.

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