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Properties priced between €40,000 - €100,000

Recently built weekend style house on a hill-top with land and which has the BEST views in the county


A weekend hill-top house with the BEST views.

A modern house at Ravna Gora mountain.

A grand 100 year old 'fixer-upper' house in Ivanec in need of total restoration.


A grand old house in Ivanec.

A solid base for a renovation project.

Family house located in Varazdinbreg hills.


Family house at Varazdinbreg.

Pretty house with nice views of rural scenery.

Village style house at Legrad


Village style house at Legrad.

Rural location near Drava and Mura rivers.

Beautiful land in Donja Voća.


Beautiful land in Donja Voća.

16,790m2 of hill-side with old building.

A hilltop home near Križevci with a few surprises.


A hilltop home near Križevci.

Very pretty place in rural environment.

Newly built house at Beretinec to finish.


Newly built house at Beretinec to finish.

A fine building in an excellent location.

holiday apartments in the hills of Štrigova.


Two apartments & vineyard at Štrigova.

Huge terraces & stunning views.

Country house in a village setting near the city of Ludbreg for sale.


Village house near Ludbreg.

Plenty of land and out-buildings.

Property for development in Cerje Tužno with large land holding.


Property for development at Cerje Tužno.

Good location, plenty of land.

Suburban detached house in Sračinec.


Suburban detached house in Sračinec.

At the centre of a busy village.

Large ruin at Koradovica.


Large ruin at Koradovica.

Opportunity for builder/developer

Large suburban detached house in the suburbs of Varaždin city.


Large suburban detached house in Varaždin.

Huge house or two apartments.

Small detached house on a well maintained small-holding on the edge of Varaždin city.


Small detached house on the edge of Varaždin.

House with mini-farm/small-holding.

Fully renovated cottage style house near Novi Marof.


Fully renovated cottage near Novi Marof.

Very nicely fitted out inside.

Family house and outbuildings in Peklenica.


Family house and outbuildings in Peklenica.

Some modern upgrades, a quiet country lane.

Countryside house for sale at Ivanec with direct view over the Dinaric Alps mountains.


Modern countryside house at Ivanec.

Direct view over the Dinaric Alps.

A large detached house in a suburb of Ludbreg city located on a quiet blind street within walking distance of the town centre..


Large detached house near Ludbreg.

In a quiet leafy suburb.

Large country house and stables near Ivanec.


Large country house and stables.

Beautiful valley setting near Ivanec.

Detached house on Varaždin-Breg.


Detached house on Varaždin-Breg.

Desirable wine road location.

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