A large detached hillside house in Mađarevo.

High above the town, a beautifully equipped and decorated home with lovely views.

Ref: 0954

€150,000 ono

A large detached house in first class condition, inside and out. Featuring four bedrooms, two very large day/living rooms, two bathrooms, a big kitchen, a clean sub-basement, terrace, balcony, courtyard, detached garage and good sized garden.... and a view over miles of lovely countryside.

A large detached hillside house in Mađarevo

The street side of the house sees the middle level of a three story building at ground level. Built on a hillside, the ground floor gradually becomes a first floor at the rear. This gives space for a lower courtyard and sub-basement with windows. The middle and upper levels are arranged around a central hallway which gives access to five rooms on each level. There is direct access from the local roadway, a very quiet country lane which leads to the top of the hill, passing traffic is minimal at most.

The whole house is centrally heated via radiators supplied by a main gas boiler which also supplies the hot water system. All the windows are modern sealed double glazed replacement items with hard wood frames, the exterior doors are of uPVC construction. The roof is insulated, the exterior walls have a facade covering.

Overlooking the hills of Varazdin county

Perched high on a hillside above the town of Mađarevo, part of the last foothills of the southern Alps, the backdrop is the expansive Marof valley and out to the distant range of hills and its peak of Ivanščica. This view is from the local roadway which leads down to the little town below.

A high terrace with a lovely panoramic view

The main entrance door is located to the left of this image and is on the same level is this terrace. It has just been re-tiled and the canopy added, the fencework is soon to be completed. A sunny place to be, it faces south by south-west.

Large living room + ante room

Starting at the mid-level, the interior is dominated by this very spacious main day room/lounge. Featuring windows to the south and west walls, it is both large and very bright. As is the case throughout the house, the walls, ceilings, fixtures and fitting are all of high quality and in first class condition. No cracks, no dampness, no problems. The floor is laid with new-ish parquet flooring and, of course, is in spotless condition.

Former surgery

This room is at the north-east corner and was, until recently, a pedicurist salon. It's future use is a matter for you to decide but the good standard ceramic floor tiling may be of use in support of your ideas. As is the case throughout, all is clean, in excellent shape, it has a modern wood-framed doubled glazed window, modern radiator plus the usual array of electric outlets. The features are true for all rooms.

Lower floor bedroom

On the south-east corner is this good sized bedroom. Currently with two single beds there is still adequate room to move around. The floor is laid with a different style of parquet.

Fully equipped lower floor bathroom

The mid level bathroom is large and bright and near fully tiled. It has a built-in shower cubicle, wash hand basin, WC, storage space and is the home of the washing machine and heating boiler installation - as is traditional in Croatia.

Large modern kitchen

The final mid level room is this large kitchen which has direct access to the main living room via the archway (right of pic). The floor is tiled with heavyweight ceramics, there is an all-round tiled splash-back. Not of the latest design but all the fixtures are of high quality and durability. The large window (behind the camera position) gives plenty of natural light.

Bright spacious lower hallway

The mid level 'L' shaped hallway leads to all rooms, this is one leg of the 'L' showing the main entrance door, ceramic tiled floor, staircase and some very smart under-stairs sliding storage units. The stairs and handrails are of natural wood.

Upper floor landing/hallway

Moving to the upper level, the landing sits directly above the mid level hallway, this view is in the opposite direction to the image above. Parquet flooring, good natural light, adequate space and excellent all round condition renders this yet another pleasing place. The 'L' shape seen at the far end to the right is repeated below on the mid level.
The door at the far end is typical of all the interior doors, each is of natural wood as are the frames and reveals.

Upper floor master bedroom

The master bedroom is very large and beautifully appointed. Parquet flooring, a contoured ceiling line and all lit well by a window and doorway which leads to a private balcony. The vista from the balcony is shown further down this web page.

Upper floor, second bedroom

The upper level has a second bedroom of good size. The flooring is parquet, a large window gives good natural light.

Upper floor fully equipped bathroom

This house boasts two full-sized bathroom, this is the upper floor version. Similarly 90% tiled, it contains a bath (instead of a shower cubicle), WC and wash hand basin. There are no other utilities here as in the case of the mid level bathroom. Natural light is provided by a ceiling fitted Velux style window.

Upper floor living room

This was something of a surprised to us, we expected to find one or two further bedrooms, instead there is a huge room laid out in a similar way to a day room/lounge. It appears the house was used as two separate living spaces although there is no kitchen on this level, at least not now. For lovers of massive master bedrooms, this is your dream opportunity. The door at the far end leads to a small room which is a good fit for a walk-in wardrobe. We have numerous other photographs available should you wish to see other views and details. Just contact us and we will send them to you.

lower courtyard and basement entrance

Walking down the garden steps from the main entrance door brings you to this courtyard located beneath the mid level terrace (see above). The large door leads to the interior of the sub-basement.
Behind the camera position is the bulk of the garden which, being on a hillside, is a little steep but not so much that you'll need a mountain goat to cut the grass.

part of the basement space

The sub-basement has a full height ceiling and good sized window. It has been well decorated and cared for such that this a damp wine cellar, this is a useable space for whatever activities you have in mind. The is a water supply with drainage, adequate electric outlets and ceramic tiled flooring. This image shows about half the available space.

view from the balcony

As mentioned above, this is the view from the master bedroom looking out over the Marof valley to the distant hills of Varaždin county.

Aerial photograph

Aerial photograph showing the house and garden borders (shown in yellow).

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The key points include...

  • Total area of the plot 1,305m2.
  • The house footprint is 118m2 on each of two floors plus the sub-basement and terraces.
  • Mains electric.
  • Mains water.
  • Mains gas.
  • Phone/ADSL line.
  • The city of Novi Marof is within a few minutes by car.
  • The village of Mađarevo has some shops and is within walking distance.
  • One owner (current occupant), Land book registry shows all is "clean".
  • Fully legal structures.
  • The property is fully within the local urban planning building zone, a company is not required to own.
  • Asphalted road in good condition, very light traffic.
  • Off street parking and detached garage.
  • At €150,000 it is very competitively priced. There is room for some negotiation.

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