A traditional wine house and vineyard in Žarovnica, near Lepoglava/Ivanec.

A classic, one up - one down wine house in a lovely hillside setting.

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€22,000 ono

A classic hillside located wine house above the village of Žarovnica, near Lepoglava in the county of Varaždin.

A traditional country cottage with its own park and forest in Međimurje

Typical of the bigger versions of wine houses, there is a cold basement, the main room, WC and a kitchen are at an upper ground level, an external staircase leads to a bedroom and small balcony in the attic space. The access road is a stoney track but is reasonable flat and well kept, it is not a problem for any family car to drive it. The asphalt road down to the village starts about 150 metres down the track.
The is a pretty garden/orchard and a long narrow vineyard running from the back of the house down to the valley bottom.

Original wine house in Banfi

The building is of rendered block construction with an acute high angled roof which prevents snow build-up in the winter time. It is also the best way to reduce the effect of the sun heating the upper floor, the acute angle deflects much of the unwanted heat. The utilities include mains water and electric supplies, sewerage is via the usual septic tank system.
There is a "sells everything" local shop in the village a few minutes walk down the hill. A butcher's shop is nearby as are a junior school and a kindergarden. The sizeable town of Lepoglava is a few minutes' away by car. The city of Ivanec is also close by as are the major tourist attractions of Ravna Gora mountain and the stunning Trakoščan castle and park.

The main room is on the middle level and is of good size

Starting at the ground level (although it is raised by about 1.5 metres above the land level), the main living area is furnished in a homely way rather than the more usual 'rough and ready' style often found in wine houses. The floor has proper parquet, the combined window and door casement gives plenty of natural light and there is a reasonably sized balcony immediately outside.

room of similar size is located at the lower level

A small central hallway gives access to the WC (there is no bathroom), the side terrace and to a small kitchenette at the rear of the house. It is typical of wine house kitchens in that it is not developed but there is space for the basic kitchen equipment which is adequate for this style of house. A cooker, small sink unit and cupboard are located behind the camera position. There is also small cupboard/pantry. We have a number of additional photographs available on request.

There are a number of smaller rooms and spaces

The bedroom is accessed by an external staircase, there is no internal connection between the upper and ground floors. The wood panelled ceiling shows this is an under-roof space.
As is the case with the living area downstairs, the bedroom has been put together in a homely way and has the feel of a comfortable place to be rather than merely a place for vineyard workers to sleep. There a small balcony accessed through the door/windows casement shown at the far end of the room.

the kitchen is undeveloped

The basement is strictly for storage in that it is completely underground. This means it retains the same (ish) cool temperature all year, perfect for wine making. This coolness does create some condensation in the summer months when hot air gets in (when the door is opened) and comes into contact with the cold wall surfaces. There is also a more accessible outer basement room.

Kitchen space

As is the case with all wine houses, they are built to enable people to spend time in the countryside without the need to travel back and forth on every visit. This fact is reflected in the inclusion of a large covered terrace where lovely views, food and wine and good company come together to provide the essence of what having a wine house is really all about. This place is no exception.

There are two bedrooms in the under-roof space

The land immediately around the house is a mix of garden and orchard. This garden table and benches is typical of where you'll find people throughout southern Europe spending their free time - usually thinking about all the work not yet done.

the original wine house

Viewed from the garden, each of the narrow vineyards run down to the valley bottom. The local vineyards and the steep hills provide the backdrop for pretty much every direction in which you look. It is evident that such riches are not universally appreciated by young Croatians so many of these places are now for sale as the older people find it increasingly difficult to maintain them. The landscape is changing slowly to reflect to arrival of foreign buyers who see the beauty.

The property consists of three parcels of land

An aerial view of the land. The image has been turned to better fit this web page thus north is to the left of the image. The mis-match between the drawn borders of the house and the just visible photograph of the roof is a result of parallax errors introduced by aerial photography when not directly overhead. This is normal.

Show me where it is on Google maps.

The key points include...

  • Total area of the plot 708m2.
  • The house footprint is 51m2.
  • Mains electric.
  • Mains water.
  • Septic tank sewerage/drainage.
  • The town of Lepoglava is within a few minutes driving time.
  • One owner. Land book registry shows all is correct.
  • Fully legal structure.
  • A Croatian company is required to own.
  • €22,000 negotiable.

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