A traditional country retreat in Banfi, Međimurje.

Two cottages in their own hill-side park with adjacent forest.

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€135,000 ono

A rare opportunity to purchase a pair of country style cottages which sit in the middle of what amounts to a hillside park of open grass land in addition to a sizeable section of woodland. The property has over 32,200 square metres of land, that's almost eight acres (3.22 hectares).

A traditional country cottage with its own park and forest in Međimurje

The main house is a Swiss style detached cottage having three levels. Being sited on a hillside, the sub-basement is fully open on the lower side, the middle floor is where the main living areas are located and there are two small bedrooms in the attic space. This photograph was taken from the downhill side where there is a large exterior terrace facing mostly southwards.
The building is in a pretty setting and looks out over the substantial land associated with this property. It is a cottage, not a house. This means the interior is quite small, everything has been built and decorated in a traditional country style. It was built by a local professional family as an exclusive country retreat, it still carries the feel of the original intention.

Original wine house in Banfi

The second building is a re-built version of the original wine house built in 1855. These lands were once all vineyards and this cottage was built for the people who worked them. The original wine basement remains, the upper section has been rebuilt to a good standard. It remains a wine house (No WC etc) but is well appointed and has a small rear sun terrace. More details are available further down this page.

The main room is on the middle level and is of good size

The main room is on the middle level and is of good size. Everything here reflects the "countryside retreat" nature of how the property was used. There are a lot of natural wood finishes including the panelled ceiling and parquet floor. Natural light is good due to adequate window sizes, heating is via large traditional wood burning stoves, hot water is from an electric boiler. The location means a total absence of traffic noise, the same is true in terms of natures, they are out of sight!

room of similar size is located at the lower level

A second room of similar size is located at the lower level. It is used by the current owners as a dining room in that it follows the Croatian tradition of having a summer kitchen and diner next to the exterior terrace (located off to the right in this photo). The decor of brick, white walls, ceramic tiled flooring, all with a wine making theme giving it that particularly Croatian rural ambience.

There are a number of smaller rooms and spaces

There are a number of smaller rooms and spaces including this one, it would seem remiss if a wine making operation such as this was would not have a dedicated 'tasting' room. Located on the middle level it is connected to a small central hallways which gives access to the main living room, entrance doorway and bathroom.
As is the case throughout the building, the walls and ceiling are in excellent shape, devoid of cracks or dampness. The floor is laid with heavy ceramic tiles - so don't drop your wine glass!

the kitchen is undeveloped

The property is difficult to label in that it includes two bedrooms, a bathroom and a sub-basement fitted out as a living space therefore it cannot be regarded as a typical weekend house where such features are normally absent. However, the kitchen is undeveloped as would be expected of a house designed for temporary accommodation. There is adequate space for a good sized kitchen to be installed, water, drainage and power are all ready and waiting. This photo and the following picture (below) are of the same space where a modern kitchen could be installed if desired.

Kitchen space

Picture showing the other end of the 'kitchen' space.

There are two bedrooms in the under-roof space

There are two bedrooms in the under-roof space, they are near identical so we need show only one. The ceiling is wood panelled and insulated against the cold and heat. They are small but each has sufficient space for a little storage and a double bed. The size of the bedrooms re-state the "one foot in each camp" nature of this cottage, is it a weekend retreat or a small house? Frankly, it's both.

a bath tub and fully tiled bathroom

The inclusion of a bath tub and fully tiled bathroom takes us away, once again, from the holiday house feel and firmly into the 'proper house' category. As with most things here, it is small and very rural/rustic in its decor yet fully functional.

the original wine house

Moving over now to the other building, located about 40 metres away, it sits on the site of the original wine house erected over 160 years ago. The vaulted brick-arch rood/ceiling is still in use to this day (Photo available if required). There is no bathroom so we have no difficulty in describing it as a traditional wine house. However it has been nicely fitted out and decorated as part of its expansion and now features this large 'do everything' room. Diner, kitchen, bedroom, party room... you name it. The owners tells us that many a loud party was held here thus leaving the main house in peace and quiet.

The rear of the second building has a separate room

The rear of the second building has a separate room, about half the size of that shown above, it is currently used as a store. (Photo available if required). As the image shows, this is no barn, it has been built recently and done properly in modern brick with weather facade, tiled and insulated roof, new electrics and water. The rear covered porch/terrace faces south-west which takes advantage of the long warm summers of the region.

wine storage room located at the lower level of the second building

The wine storage room located at the lower level of the second building is both large and in excellent condition. In view of the fact that the vineyards have now gone and have been replaced by park land, this space offers an excellent opportunity to further develop this building into a self-contained home/rental/weekend house. The original vaulted brick room lays behind the large wooden doors.

This property is mostly about the outside areas

This property is mostly about the outside areas. Approached via a fully asphalted country lane, the entrance gates give an immediate feel for the whole property. The chimney of the main house can be seen to the right of the image, the second building is located immediately to the right. The camera position is marked 'X' on the aerial picture below, this view looks toward land plot number 1582. The other plots, 1583, 1584 and 1585 lay over the crest of the hill.

two land plots located on the other side of the lane

Using the same camera position, the two land plots located on the other side of the lane (plots 1608 and 1609) are now grassed park land. Once vineyards, they can be used for any agricultural purpose you wish ... or left just as they are. Together they cover nearly 12,000 square metres.

looking out in a south-easterly direction

Viewed from the terrace of the main house, looking out in a south-easterly direction, most of what you see is part of this property. The fenced area lays within plot number 1583 but does not enclose it all. Most of the forest, as far back as the mid-ground of the image us also part of this property.

This property's beauty lay in both its traditional approach to country living

This property's beauty lay in both its traditional approach to country living and the feeling of being in a well cared for park. Everywhere there are views, long and short, to warm the heart

The property consists of three parcels of land

Aerial view of the entire property. House No.61 is the older, smaller building, number 62 is the main house. 'Banfi' is the name of the parish and the name of the lane running through the middle of the property. 1584 and 1585 are almost entirely forested giving over 11,600 square metres of woodland. 1582 and 1583 together cover 3,580 square metres of grassland. As mentioned previously, 1608 and 1609 cover over 12,000 square metres of grassland.

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The key points include...

  • UPDATE FEB 2019: This property has now gained the required urban planning designation which allows for building plans to be submitted to both plot Nos: 1608 and 1609. This is in addition to existing building permission applicable to plots 1582 and 1583.
  • Total area of the plot 32,207m2.
  • The house living space is 84m2.
  • Mains electric.
  • Mains water.
  • Septic tank sewerage/drainage.
  • The town of Štrigova is within a few minutes driving time.
  • One owner. Land book registry shows all is correct.
  • Fully legal structures.
  • A Croatian company is required to own.
  • Asphalted road in good condition, very light traffic.
  • Off street parking.
  • €135,000.

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