An imposing property of three large buildings
for use as living space, business, hobby.... etc.
with a large land plot. Located in Zbelava, Varaždin.

Ref: 0891.

Homes and land for sale in the beautiful countryside of Croatia


An imposing property located in the village of Zbelava, 7km from the city of Varaždin. There are three sections to the property: House, commercial building and a barn, all located on over 4,500 sq. metres of flat land.
The frontage (see pic) is the main house which, until recently, was occupied by an elderly person so the interior reflects a lack of modernisation but the overall condition is good as is the infrastructure (water, electrics, central heating etc.). The house has eight good sized rooms plus a large bathroom, a small cellar and two workshop/store rooms accessible from outside.

The frontage has a fenced lawned garden area with two large driveways, one either side.
To the right (see pic) is the main tarmac driveway leading directly to the large commercial block and on to the rear of the property. There are iron gates located at the front entrance.
To the left is very wide gravel driveway leading to the double sided brick/block barn and then on to the rear of the property. This also has gates which are located adjacent to the front of the house.

The house is constructed with high quality materials and has been designed to achieve a manor house stature, it is referred locally in such terms. The former occupant used only the lower level, the two upper level bedrooms are currently closed off as is access to the grand looking upper terrace. The staircase between the floors has been removed.

Viewed from the expansive rear courtyard, the house is hidden behind the large double-sided barn, (one side open - left side enclosed).
The white building to the left is the main commercial centre (see more below).
The wide gravel driveway in the foreground runs from the front of the property a point about 1/3rd of the way to the far end of the garden.

The open barn has three brick pier supports which effectively gives it 4 bays. The wide driveway gives ample space for large vehicles. The interior of the closed side of the barn is shown further down the page.

Starting with the commercial building... Ground floor.

Built in 2008, it has been used to house the owners' pumpkin seed oil production business and includes work areas, storage, office space and some accommodation. It is in very good condition and has been built properly and well maintained. The business was recently inherited by the current owners who are now seeking to relocate it to their own property, hence the reason for the sale of this one.

Commercial building (ground floor) contd..

The main entrance doors lead to the main driveway at the front of the property.

The floor is fully tiled with industrial quality ceramics, there is a 3-phase electrical power supply and lighting scheme and gas fired heating. Everything is clean and in excellent shape.

Commercial building (ground floor) contd..

The main central vestibule reflects the cleanliness requirements of a business engaged in production within the food industry. The walls and floor feature the best quality ceramics which have been laid to an exceptional standard.

The power and other services reflect the industrial nature of this space, it is unlikely that any upgrades or other expenses will be required to use this for any activity you wish.

The salient point is that this property can provide excellent accommodation and a sizeable and well appointed place to run your business or engage in your chosen hobby/activity.

Commercial building (ground floor) contd..

The room at the rear of this building is the location of what was clearly the office/admin area.

Looking through the door (see pic), the main central vestibule and then the frontmost room can be viewed. Everything is clean and in good condition.

Commercial building (upper floor).

A staircase leads from the ground floor office to a small hallway on the upper floor, here there are two doors, one of which leads to this room located at the rear of the building above the office. We understand it was used as accommodation for those long working days when the season dictates a heavy workload.

The floor is fully tiled with ceramics.
Central heating via hot water (gas fired system) radiator.

Commercial building (upper floor) Contd..

The rest of the upper floor is used for storage. It is a very large space occupying the same footprint as the ground floor central vestibule and front room combined.
There are shuttered windows to the front and flank walls. The roof is insulated and lined with timber. There is lighting and there are electric outlets although we believe there is no installed heating in this area.

There is a further small room/walk-in closet (not shown) between the two rooms shown here.

Moving on to the main house at the front of the property...

Built in 1949, the main entrance is located on the rear flank of the building, accessed from the main tarmac/surfaced driveway. The main door is located behind the left and centre pillars (see pic). The door between the centre and right pillars is an ante room not connected internally to the house. (pic below).

There are 5 rooms on the ground floor plus a small kitchen and a large bath/shower room. The upper floor has two further rooms (not shown) although have been closed off and were not available to view.

Main house contd...

Immediately behind the entrance is this large hall/reception room. As can be seen, it appears to have no defined function at this time, your imagination and design skills are required here.

It is a sizeable and airy space and, as are all the rooms in the house, has a hot water radiator.
The central heating is fired by a Vaillant style gas boiler.

The floor surface is of laminate.

The entrance (left) leads directly into the kitchen.

Main house contd...

This room has clearly been used as the kitchen although not for some time. By modern standards it is old but, at least in the interim, it can be used as a small kitchen as everything functions adequately. For lovers of large modern kitchens, this house needs a new one. The other end of the room (behind the camera position) was used as a dining area (see next pic below).

The floor is laid with ceramic tiles.

Main house contd...

This area is directly connected to the small kitchen space shown above.

The change in floor from ceramic to solid wood-block parquet gives a sense of these two spaces being separated but they are mostly the same room.

The large windows gives plenty of natural light, there are ample power outlets and heating is via a wall mounted hot water radiator connected to the central heating and hot water system.

A central passageway leads into the main living/day room, shown below....

Main house contd...

...which has the most unusual features we have ever seen.... probably. We understand the pillars are decorative rather than structural so that, love them or hate them, you can do with them as you wish.

The three main windows are large and give plenty of natural light. Viewed from the street (see the very top pic) they are the central windows located beneath the first floor terrace. The pale yellow (may we call them "wings"?) on either side are described below.

Solid wood-block parquet provides the flooring, heating is provided by a low wall mounted hot water radiator and the ceiling is ...... interesting!
This room also features a large tiled traditional style wood burning stove.
There are three doors, one to each of the two 'wings' and a third to a side room.

Main house contd...

The 'left wing' as viewed from the front of the house contains this light airy room which awaits your ideas to put it to good use.

The floor is laid with solid wood-block parquet.

Heating is provided by the wall mounted hot water radiator.

Main house contd...

The 'right wing' as viewed from the front of the house is where the main bathroom is located.

Viewed with the windows behind the camera, it is the same size as the other wing which results in a spacious room which is fully tiled and is well appointed with bath, fully enclosed shower cubicle, wash-hand basin and outlets for a bidet (not fitted). The WC is located behind the curtains (left).

Main house contd...

A third door leading from the main living/day room gives access to this mid-sized room which, until recently, was used as the main bedroom.

A large rear (south) facing window gives good natural light.
The floor is of timber boards.
Heating is via a hot water wall mounted radiator.

Brick barn structure.

Physically connected to the rear of the house is this brick and concrete built barn/storage facility. The white building (left of pic) at the back of this barn is the rear wall of the main house.

The barn is separated into two long sections. To the right, behind the corrugated sheeting is the 'open' side, to the left (behind the metal doors) is an enclosed space.

Both sides are large and have power and lighting.

Brick barn structure Contd...

A view of the open side of the barn.

The base is a concrete slab. The gravel driveway in the foreground leads to a pair of wide metal gates at the front of the property (to the right) and to an open expanse of land (to the left) and then onto the garden.

Brick barn structure Contd...

The closed side of the barn also has a solid concrete base.
It is a dry space with power and lighting.
The ceiling/roof has thermal insulation.
This is a secure space having strong metal doors at the rear access.
This room is shorter than the outside barn, the rear wall is a dividing wall between this space and the workshop (see next pic below).

Brick barn structure Contd...

Although located within the structure of the 'closed' barn, this workshop is not accessible from it. Access is gained via a door in the courtyard immediately behind the main house.

The main utilities are mostly located here... gas, spring water, 3-phase supply etc.

Located between the rear of the closed barn and the rear of the main house is this useful utility room.
As is the case with the workshop, it is accessed only from the rear courtyard.

Moving further to the rear of the property, this attractive terrace area lays at the back of the commercial building and abuts the rear garden.

Featuring a very big brick built barbeque fireplace and an enclosed pizza oven with heavy metal doors (to the right of the fireplace), both have an integral chimney.
The complete terrace is covered with a timber frame with wood lining and topped with roof tiles.
There are adequate electric outlets, a fully bricked floor, good lighting, storage space abounds.

This view is from about half-way down the property looking back towards the front.

The barbeque terrace and commercial building are clearly visible to the left. The barn is hidden by the trees in the centre.
The land behind the camera position is mostly weeds these days but will not take too much work to tidy it up. It extends rearwards for about the same distance as can be seen in this image.

See the ortho-photo below for better orientation. This property is labeled "313".

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The key points include...
  • Total area of the plot 4,540m2.
  • The house footprint is 127m2.
  • Large 2 floor commercial building.
  • Open 4-bay barn.
  • Enclosed barn/warehouse.
  • Two drive ways.
  • Gas (mains supply) central heating.
  • 3 phase electric supply.
  • Large covered terrace/BBQ area.
  • Village location.
  • Supermarket 1.7 km away.
  • Mains and private well water.
  • Two x double septic tank drainage.
  • No dampness.
  • Entire property is fenced.
  • Views over flat farmland, end of village location.
  • Landline and ADSL already in use.
  • One owner. All buildings are legal and registered.
  • Bus stop nearby.
  • School within walking distance.
  • 8km (15 mins) drive to the centre of Varazdin city.

€165,900 Negotiable

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