A spotless hillside home located at Varaždinbreg.
Everything is modern and finished to exacting standards.
A beautiful view, everything you need to move in now.

Ref: 0849.

Homes and land for sale in the beautiful countryside of Croatia


A medium sized detached family house located high on a hillside near Varaždin. It has a sun/lounge room, dining room, kitchen, downstairs WC, utility room, wine cellar, lounge/day room, two bedrooms, bathroom and upper balcony/terrace.

The car port is large and easily contains two vehicles, there is ample off-street parking for more vehicles if required. Access is made directly from a very quiet country road.

Everything has been built and maintained to the highest standards.

The exterior sports a 'Bieber' tiled roof (what's this?) which was built from new with deep insulation materials and 'breathing' membrane.

All exterior walls are cladded with polystyrene heat insulation covered with a tough and decorative fibre-glass based outer skin. In short, the whole structure sports the maximum temperature control insulation.

All exterior windows and doors are of uPVC and aluminium construction with sealed double glazed units (windows) or insulated 'sandwich' panels (doors).

All of the guttering and external pipework is all constructed from copper.

Several of the smaller windows also have exterior wooden hinged shutters.

The main entrance door is located at the rear/garden side of the property, the is shown here on the left of the photo.

Immediately inside the entrance is this sun lounge area with its large all-round windows and venetian blinds.

The ceramic tiled floor (see foreground) continues throughout this room although is mostly covered with semi-polished floor boards which themselves sit on insulating material.

All the furniture, fixtures and fittings shown are to remain and are included in the price.

A view from the other side of the sun lounge toward the entrance hall.

The solid oak door at left gives access to the utility room.

The open doorway (also has solid oak door) leads to the dining room.

The dining room is located on the ground floor. The flooring is constructed with very attractrive decorative brick which has been sealed and polished. The bricks are laid on top of yet more under-floor insulation.

The closed solid wood door leads to the entrance hall/sun lounge, the just visible doorway to the right gives access to the utility room.

All the furniture, fixtures and fittings shown are to remain and are included in the price.

The galley style kitchen is located just off the dining room and is open plan in this regard.

The kitchen has all the major facilities and appliances. There is a small WC with adjoining door.

All the furniture, fixtures and fittings shown are to remain and are included in the price.

It is a comparatively small kitchen but more than adequate for preparing meals etc. For lovers of large kitchens, please see the next description - below:

The fourth room on the ground level is currently used as a utility room cum store. It has direct access doors to both the entrance hall and to the dining room.

If you prefer a large kitchen, here's a great opportunity to install one in the perfect location.

It is set at sub-basement level, hence the high window level.

The flooring is the same as in the the kitchen and dining room, the polished bricks on insulated board.

The WC/shower/bidet room is fitted and decorated to the same exacting standards as is the rest of the house.

Hot water is provided by an electric boiler (as is the kitchen downstairs).

Polished wood floor boards throughout.

There is ample room as can be seen in the smaller photos below.

All the furniture, fixtures and fittings shown are to remain and are included in the price.

The family/day room, as used by the current owner, is located on the upper level where the surfaces and fixtures continue in the highest standard.

The floor is laid with polished wooden floor-boards and, as is the case throughout the upper level, the ceiling follows the roof line and is heavily insulated between the ceiling surface and the roof tiles. The visible timbers in the ceiling are the underside of hugh structural roof supports which have been polished and stained to suit the interior decor.

The glass door leads to an enclosed balcony (see small image below), the wooden door leads to the second bedroom.

Telephone and WiFi connections are available here.

The first of two bedrooms is located at the top of the stairway which runs down to the dining room. There is a small landing/hallway visible through the open door (see pic).

Of medium size, there is ample space for a double bed and some small furniture pieces. The curtains hide a section which has been given over as wardrobe space.

The window faces the front of the property.

The flooring is in polished wooden boards.

The second of two bedrooms is located at the rear of the property and is of similar size. It is accessed via a door which leads directly to the lounge/day room.

Of medium size, there is ample space for a double plus single bed and some small furniture pieces. There is a curtained off section which has been given over as wardrobe space in the same way as the first bedroom.

The window faces the rear of the property and looks out over garden and out over the local hillsides.

The flooring is in polished wooden boards.

A large sub-basement room currently used for wine fermenting and storage. The addition of insulation and a dry lining will convert this room into additional living space.

The stairway leading from the dining room area and showing the brick solid fuel heating furnace.

Plenty of bathroom space.

The upstairs balcony which may be closed or open.

The land at the rear of the property is long and narrow, it has recently installed fencing all round.

The grassed section, to the left, and the two rows of vines run down to the group of fruit trees (which are on this property) seen at the bottom of the hill. The image gives a good idea of the view and the nature of the local environment.

This particular neighbourhood is rightfully regarded as somewhat up-market.

Land plot layout.

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The key points include:-
  • Total area of the plot: 1,227m2.
  • The house footprint: 65m2 per floor (there are 2 floors).
  • Varazdin city centre a 15 minute drive away.
  • Quiet hillside rural location.
  • Elecric power and mains water.
  • Large rear land plot, off-street parking and double car port to the front.
  • 10 minutes from major shopping mall.
  • All documents are 'clean' and in the sellers' possession.
  • House was built in 2004.
  • Direct access from asphalted country lane.
  • City gas main is under the road and available for installation if req.
  • A small 2nd WC is located on the ground floor (not shown).

€105,000 firm.

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