Part renovated house with room for further
renovation plus a large worskshop and garage
on beautiful hill top in Grabrovnik, Međjimurje.

Ref: 0823.

Homes and land for sale in the beautiful countryside of Croatia


For sale, an older style former vineyard 'villa' which sits atop a hillside in Međjimurje county near to the town of Štrigova.

Half of the house has been extensively renovated and modernised, the other half remains empty. The three new uPVC windows to the left (see image) indicate the extend of the renovation. New plumbing, new wiring (three phase) and complete interior decoration has been tastefully completed. All fixtures, fittings and furniture are to remain, it is move-in ready.

The site contains the house and a large newly built external building, currently used as garage and store. The land abuts the local lane and is surrounded by vineyards. The entire property is within the local building zone so foreign buyers may purchase it without the need of a Croatian company.

The living accommodation is entirely located on the upper floor. It contains a living room, entrance hallway, kitchen, WC/shower room and a single bedroom. Details of each are shown below.

The lower level (street level) is in the format of a single large space supported by brick built vaulted arches. Until recently, the lower level was used as a winery, more details are shown below.

The lower level concrete extension, nearest to camera, is a large store.

The local unitary plan and county budget shows the provision of a main gas line to be immediately followed by the lane being asphalted. We understand the work is planned for 2017/18.

This recently constructed detached building sits about 50 metres from the main house (seen behind in the image). It is comprised of four large spaces/rooms which, until recently, was used for the storage of a tractor and other vineyard mechanised equipment. It is the perfect size for use as a significant workshop or may be converted into a second residence. All the necessary infrastructure is already in place.

The main living room has been completely renovated and features new walls and ceiling, all with thick insulation materials between them and the outer brick walls.

The hard wood floor is made from original timbers which have been smoothed and relaid.

The windows are of uPVC double glazed units.

The room and its complete contents and fittings will be sold exactly as this image shows.

The kitchen has been newly built with modern appliances and fittings.

The floor is of modern style ceramic tiling.

The walls and ceilings are newly constructed with plasterboard and feature extensive insulation materials between them and the outer brick walls.

The window is a uPVC double glazed unit.

The room and its complete contents and fittings will be sold exactly as this image shows.

The bedroom has been completely renovated and features new walls and ceiling, all with thick insulation materials themk and the outer brick walls.

The floor is made from good quality laminate with insulation material beneath.

The window is a uPVC double glazed unit.

The room and its complete contents and fittings will be sold exactly as this image shows. OK, maybe not the teenager's clothes!

The entrance hallway continues in a similar decorative vein as the rest of the renovated part of the house.

The floor continues the same ceramic tiling as is used in the adjoining kitchen.

The part double-glazed entrance door is of metal and uPVC construction including modern insulating materials.

The wood burning furnace (bottom left of the image) uses wood pellets as fuel and is of modern design including the efficient 're-heat' facility. The owner tells us that it is adequate for the entire living space and costs around €1.5 per day for near non-stop use in the depths of winter. Hot water is provided by a stand alone electric immersion heater and tank.

The shower/wash/WC room also has the same modern ceramic floor tiles as the kitchen and entrance hall.

As with all the other rooms, the walls and ceiling are new and well insulated, in this case, the walls are fully tiled with modern ceramics.

Hot water is provided by a stand alone wall mounted electric immersion heater and tank.

There is a fitted washing machine in this room.

The garage area is very large and has this high beamed canopy acting as a sun/rain/snow shield. If desired, this could be closed in to make a large and attractive living space.

The central section of the structure (where the tractor is parked) is also an expansive area and features a similar high vaulted beamed roof.

The entire structure has been wired for three-phase power use.

There are two large rooms leading from the central part of the building. This is one and is currently used as a store.

The three walls (see image) are each external and could accommodate windows, all with stunning views, if it is required for this area to be converted to living accommodation.

The second room is of similar size and has already been part decorated in terms of plastered walls and smooth wood finsihes to the ceiling.

We understand this was a communal area for vineyard staff before the wine business was moved recently to another building nearby.

The added value of this structure is in it's suitability to be a significant workshop or business location or in it's ease of conversion into a good sized second residence.

The main sub-basement under the house continues for the full length of the building. This image shows only half, there is a similar space behind the camera.

This was once the main wine cellar and is therefore well equipped with power supplies and an industrial standard cooling system.

The vaulted brick arch ceiling is very attractive and lends itself well to conversion to a most interesting living space. The left wall has one or two windows, this is possible because this wall is at ground level and therefore has the potential for more windows to be added for additional natural light.

The door at the end leads to another sizeable room (see below).

This room is located at the end of the large sub-basement area. It is also 'sub'-basement in that one wall is above ground and has both a window and a double access door.

The location can be seen as the block structure to the left of the main house in the top image of this page.

This is one view, there are others left and right and a different, just as scenic, in the opposite direction.

The house is located on a popular 'Wine Road' and has regular tourist visitors during the summer months.

This image was taken in late March, before the bulk of the trees had leaves.

The key points include:-

  • Total area of land plot = 507 sq metres.
  • Located in the hills of Međjimurje
  • Mains electric (3 phase) and water supplies
  • Two large buildings
  • Partly modernised
  • Huge architecturally attractive basement
  • All document and registrations are correct
  • Beautiful views all round
  • Entirely within a building zone
  • Croatian company not required for foreign owner

Offers in the region of €140,000 are invited.

Contact us for further details or get answers to any questions you may have.
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